Printed media have many limitations:

    1. reachability
    2. high printing cost
    3. static media

    The arrival of Internet has enabled e-media greater reachability but traditional pdf and MS Word format still require long download time and don't have the reading of "magazine feel".

    Using eMagazine(eZine) technologies we are able to create identical version of your printed magazines or brochures and giving your readers the true feeling of reading a magazine online. In fact eZine technology can offer even more, depending on your creativity. Here are some of the features of eZine technology.

    1. increase reachability
    2. rich media contents, such as links, video, animation, etc.
    3. interactive page turning
    4. fast download with page streaming
    5. enhance reader satisfaction
    6. reduce operation cost
    7. environmental friendly

    We can even customise the interface to match your business needs.

    Our production team will produce your magazine/brochure/newspaper to be hosted on your own company web site which you have total management of your own products. Hence, you control who can access and read your products. More importantly with our fast optimised delivery technology, each page is delivered to the reader with minimum delay.

    How about distributing off-line copies of your e-magazine on CD-ROM or other media. Change the way of reading magazines.

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